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The Best Mortgage for First Time Home Buyers

These are the 3 things that you need to know before getting a First Mortgage, and we have the best solution guaranteed.

Mortgage deals for first time Home Buyers

Lowest mortgage rates in Quebec, Canada


5 years Lowest Variable Mortgage Rate*


5 years Lowest Fixed Mortgage Rate*


As a first home buyer you have a lot on your mind:

First finding the dream home, second running after the banks before they close and see how much you can afford, what is the best deal out there? Understanding amortization, penalty…

Then, comparing all the information you are receiving from different lenders, finding time to look at houses, and keep your job.


But don’t worry, these are the 3 things that you need to know before getting a First Mortgage.


1. Get a Mortgage Broker Its FREE,

Brokers have all the Canadian banks along with the virtual ones under one roof, guaranteeing the lowest mortgage interest rate on the market.

A broker has the experience and knowledge to find the right product that fits your needs. 

Save time and stress, brokers do the negotiation with the banks for you always in your best interest!

Brokers have access to the best current promotions including free home evaluation as well as in some cases free notary fees.


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2. Let the broker work for you. No stress, No hassle

As a broker, I will get you information on first time home buyer tax credis, incentives, the best rate, free evaluation and if possible, I’ll include the notary fees. I will spend the necessary time with you to explain and make sure that you are getting the best product possible. I am very transparent, and I listen to my client’s needs.

If you didn't call me yet: 


CALL ME NOW: 514 824 64 67



3. Enjoy your new home.


*Certain conditions apply, contact us for more information

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